Cape Cod Plumbing School is pleased to offer ALL Massachusetts registered plumbers the opportunity to acquire their Tier education online!
These courses are approved by the State Plumbing Board and WILL count towards your educational requirements!
See the online course in action!

Requirements: To attend the online plumbing courses you must have the following
1. PC or Mac computer (Less than 4 years old)
2. High speed internet
3. Webcam (Laptops generally have them built in. Desktops may require a separate purchase)
4. Headset with microphone attached. Example Mac laptops & some PC laptops may need a USB headset

Tuition: $1250
($650 due before first class, $600 due halfway through the course)

Available Courses:
Plumbing Tier 1 (110 Hours)
Plumbing Tier 2 (110 Hours)
Plumbing Tier 3 (110 Hours)
Plumbing Tier 4 (110 Hours)
Plumbing Tier 5 (110 Hours)

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When 10 or more students sign up, we will contact students to inform you when the course will begin!


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